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Via XSEED Games: STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life – Live Action Trailer

Make precious memories that last generations in STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life, available now on Nintendo Switch.

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STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life revisits the tranquil community of Forgotten Valley, where the protagonist fulfills their father’s dream of running a farm.

As the seasons go by, players will find their lifelong partner, raise a child together, and watch them grow up. Will their child carry on the family’s farm legacy or find their calling somewhere else? Only time will tell…

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Via XSEED Games: Fashion Dreamer – Gameplay Trailer

Enter a virtual world of fashion fantasies made real, where coordination and communication mix like never before. Your new life as an influencer awaits!

Fashion Dreamer arrives on Nintendo Switch 11.03.23!
Official Site:

Fashion Dreamer is a creative-focused game where players can express their unique styles using their avatar, called a Muse. Create iconic looks from cozy casualwear to chic couture, choosing from hundreds of available options that can be customized to be a truly one-of-a-kind look. Once players find their signature style, they can show off their latest outfits across different areas, called Cocoons. There, they can also explore inspiring new fashions from other Muses whether playing on- or offline or display them in their showroom to garner even more attention and Likes for their brand. Players can also increase their influence by completing design challenges, unlocking even more customization options to elevate their brand. Featuring asynchronous multiplayer, the world of Eve is inhabited by Muses from around the globe, allowing players to find inspiration or earn Likes for their most iconic fit virtually anywhere!… Read More!

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Via XSEED Games: Rune Factory 3 Special – Bachelorettes Trailer

Meet the 11 bachelorettes that protagonist Micah will encounter in his daily life – at least when he’s not tending to his farm or exploring dangerous dungeons.

Wishlist on Steam today:

The remastered version of the popular entry in the Rune Factory series is being developed with remastered HD graphics and redesigned 3D character models that improve upon the original designs while retaining their unique appeal. These improved visuals are bolstered by new features including Newlywed Mode, standalone adventures unlocked after marriage to each of the game’s 11 eligible bachelorettes and a “Hell” difficulty level to challenge even veteran players!

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Via XSEED Games: Touhou: New World – Launch Trailer (Nintendo Switch/PC)

Starring shrine maiden Reimu Hakurei and sorceress Marisa Kirisame as playable characters, Touhou: New World is a new fan-made title from developer Ankake Spa featuring a refined combination of fast-paced action RPG gameplay and bullet-hell combat.

Available on Nintendo Switch and PC today!

While far from idyllic, life for residents is relatively uneventful; that is until the mystical barrier protecting it is breached by an outsider harboring an obsession with the supernatural realm, bringing chaos to both Gensokyo and the world beyond. It’s up to shrine maiden Reimu and her magician friend Marisa to uncover the true source of the chaos and restore peace to both worlds, dodging magical bullet barrages and battling a menagerie of mystical creatures along the way!

Developed by Ankake Spa, creators of 2016’s Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity, Touhou: New World is the studio’s next exciting fan-made entry in the ever-evolving “Touhou Project” universe.

Coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on September 12.… Read More!

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Via XSEED Games: Silent Hope – Opening Cinematic (ft. KAMI WA SAIKORO WO FURANAI)

Check out the all-new opening cinematic for Silent Hope, featuring a title track from viral music sensation KAMI WA SAIKORO WO FURANAI.

Silent Hope’s opening showcases its seven heroes enjoying a bit of downtime at Base Camp before venturing into the Abyss to take on the enemies that lurk within its depths. The rock band featuring Shuusaku Yanagita on vocals, Kiichi Yoshida on guitar, Gaku Kiriki on bass, and Ryousuke Kurokawa on drums complements Silent Hope’s wordless world with an energetic original song, setting players up for the perilous journey that lies ahead.

Pre-order Silent Hope today:

In a world without words, what hope is there for humanity? Silent Hope takes place in a once-peaceful land, silenced by the former King who stole people’s speech before escaping into the endless chasm known as The Abyss. Following these events, the Princess, mourning her father’s actions, wept endlessly until her sorrow entombed her in a magical teardrop.… Read More!