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You are not alone. On the desolate moon of Lorian, a long-dormant Deadsuit awakens from slumber—armed and combat-ready, memory clear of purpose. But something new is stirring…

Strike out beneath the surface in search of answers in Ghost Song, an atmospheric 2D adventure of self-discovery, ancient mysteries, and cosmic terror. Explore winding caverns lit only by bioluminescent flora, battle strange and powerful creatures, and acquire new abilities to help you unearth this alien world’s long-buried secrets.

Descend deep into the darkness—only then will you learn (or is it remember?) the truth.


  • Discover What Lies Below: Explore the twisting alien tunnels and long-abandoned labs of an expansive, beautifully illustrated Metroidvania-inspired 2D world filled with secret chambers and a haunting history.
  • Power Up and Progress: Acquire potent weapons and game-changing new abilities in the depths, unlocking access to new strata of the moon and optional hidden areas.
  • Face Challenging Foes: Combat the fungal aliens and metal husks of Lorian with responsiveness and precision. Level up your power and customize your suit and blaster with an arsenal of modules.
  • Blast and Smash: Master the distinctive rhythm of Deadsuit’s core combat. Pummel enemies with your rapid-fire blaster, building up barrel heat that empowers your melee attacks.
  • You Are Not Alone: You’re not the only entity trapped in this unfamiliar place. Encounter a cast of voiced characters and discover their own tales of survival, courage, abandonment, and redemption.

Physical Edition Includes

  • World Map/Poster
  • Digital Soundtrack


  • Console: Nintendo Switch
  • Publisher: Humble Games
  • Developer: Old Moon
  • Genre: Platformer – Metroidvania
  • ESRB Rating: T for Teen
  • Release Date: 07/28/2023
  • UPC: 812303019890
  • Amazon ASIN: B0BXLXQQ9P
  • Also Available On: Mac, PC, Microsoft XBOX One, Microsoft XBOX Series X, Sony Playstation 4 and Sony Playstation 5

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