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Via Idea Factory: Charade Maniacs | Announcement Trailer (NA) | Nintendo Switch™

ESRB: T for Teen
ESRB Descriptors: Mild Violence, Mild Blood, Mild Suggestive Themes

Meet your co-stars and explore the mysteries behind the Other World Stream in the Charade Maniacs Announcement Trailer.

Otome visual novel Charade Maniacs will make its dramatic debut in the West for Nintendo Switch™ both physically and digitally in Summer 2023.

Fans can wishlist now to be notified when the Standard Edition and Limited Edition will be available to pre-order on the IFI Online store:

【About Charade Maniacs】
A mysterious figure abducts Hiyori Sena, transporting her to a strange world with nine other abductees and welcomes them to a world called Arcadia.

Everyone must act out “dramas” for a chance to escape, all whilst avoiding the trappings of a traitor.

Conduct your own investigations to search for clues—and find romance along the way!

From the writer of Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, Uta Amamiya, and the illustrator of Norn9, Teita, who’s hand will she take at the end?

【Official Website】

【IFI’s Online Store】


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