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Via Idea Factory: IFI: LoveD (If I LoveD) | Prologue Trailer


Just when you think self-love is all you need, you go ahead and open up an interdimensional portal.

In the world of game publishing, the power of human emotion is harnessed as the Cost of Games to create new titles, but what happens when that emotion is too powerful?

Prepare to enter an office like never before – make sure you fill out your time sheet while time still exists…

– Party of 5×5 – Get close with 5 (or more…?) office mates. Each coworker has 5 more dimensional versions of themselves, for a total of 25 possible routes, each with extensive branching storylines. Which version of which coworker in which dimension will be the one for you?
– 2D Laifu – Hop between 3D and 2D realms of the same office in order to solve puzzles like “Does Anyone Have a Wireless Keyboard?” and “Whose Leftovers Are These?”
– Interdimensional/Intergalactic – Your journey to save IFI takes you through time itself. Build and upgrade your dimensional vehicle to suit your play style!