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Via XSEED Games: Cuisineer – Launch Trailer

Start your delicious dungeon-delving journey with Cuisineer today!

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One day, Pom returns to her hometown of Paell to see her parents only to find their restaurant closed for business and deep in debt. Now, she must re-open the restaurant and make it thrive. To collect ingredients from the land, Pom pursues adventure in the world outside Paell, wielding her cooking utensils against giant chickens, artillery shrimps, fire-breathing peppers, and other pesky perils, sipping boba tea along the way. Cook up a frenzy and grow the derelict eatery into a sensational restaurant that will make Pom’s parents proud.

Developed by BattleBrew Productions and co-published globally on Windows PC via Steam by Marvelous Europe and XSEED Games, Cuisineer is out now for Windows PC via Steam for $24.99/€24.99 for the standard edition and $39.57/€39.57 for the Digital Deluxe Edition, with the soundtrack and artbook available for $9.99/€9.99 each.

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