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Via XSEED Games: Freedom Planet 2 – Console Launch Trailer

Be the hero Avalice needs in Freedom Planet 2, now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S!

Buy the console version today:

In the years since the events of the original Freedom Planet, our three heroines have refined their signature abilities, making them more formidable than ever before. Take advantage of Lilac’s speed with her Dragon Boost, reach new heights with Carol’s Jump Disc or motorcycle, or take a more measured approach with Milla’s shield. And all-new playable character Neera won’t be left out in the cold, as she can use her powerful Frost Arts to punish foes. Like its predecessor, this high-speed platforming adventure delivers exhilarating momentum-based action, but advances the formula with new gameplay systems and enhancements.

With 24 expertly designed stages, an ambitiously expanded Adventure mode, retro-but-refined 2D visuals, and the addition of the highly requested Boss Rush mode, Freedom Planet 2 is the indie darling grown up to become a true platforming power.



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