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VR Skater Preview: Skate Like a Pro on PSVR2 Without the Pain of Falling

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As someone who has spent over ⅔ of his life riding a skateboard, I’ll be the first to say that skating is not an easy skill. Between falling, destroying your shoes on grip tape, and spending weeks trying to land that first kickflip, it’s as grueling and time-consuming as it is rewarding and fun. VR Skater is no different in that regard. While it’s obvious that a VR skateboard will never replace the real thing, I was still skeptical about how “real” it would feel coasting over digital concrete while having a bulky PSVR2 headset strapped to my face. But after landing that first kickflip over a set of tires, all my doubts were gone, and I found myself looking forward to mastering my next trick.

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